Pristine Property Management and Real Estate  manages numerous residential homes in schemes ranging from 10 unit conversions to 100 unit complex mixed-use new build schemes.


Our relationship with you starts with an in depth understanding of your business needs. This is key to finding the perfect solution to your management requirements and we listen and understand your needs from the very outset; we then utilize our extensive technical and industry knowledge and experience to ensure that we deliver you the very best solution. Pristine Property Management and Real Estate prides itself on doing this for all our clients whatever the size or complexity of the development.


Pristine Property Management and Real Estate has managed      for homebuilders throughout the last 15 years and prides itself on the quality, adaptability and scope of services available to our Developer clients.


If you are looking for an unrivalled level of expertise and industry leading service within the Residential Block Management sector, please contact us on one of the following:


Property Management Services


Pristine Property Management and Real Estate is a property management company which provides property management services operating throughout southern California. Our team consists of experienced property managers, with our board of directors alone having in excess of 40 years experience in residential property management.


We recognize that property management is a people industry, Pristine Properties are big enough to cope, and small enough to care about personal service. Within opening hours all telephone calls are answered by a human and we do not have automated call systems. To back this up we use state of the art property management systems.


Our portfolio of clients consists mainly of residents management companies, developers and commercial freeholders. We also provide estate management services, housing estate management, building and planning as well as other property management services. Properties under our management consist from as few as four apartments in one building through to our larger developments which comprise of over 250 properties with full time property managers and caretakers onsite. We deal with both leasehold flat and freehold housing estate management of which our existing portfolio currently holds over 4,000 properties managed by Pristine Property Management and Real Estate.


Please browse our website to find out more about our property management services or call us to speak to our experienced property managers.


Customer Service

As a company we are committed to providing our clients with the highest service delivery standards in all areas of our operations.


We aim to provide you with honest, impartial and accurate advice, communicated in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, and that we will:

  • Provide services in a friendly and courteous manner
  • Treat impartially and equally all service receivers
  • Issue helpful, accurate, unambiguous and concise information
  • Deal with your requests, enquiries and concerns promptly
  • Ensure that we always respect confidentiality


You can be sure you will find all that you may be looking for in property management services with Pristine Property Management and Real Estate. Further information on services, and other property and property management related material, may be found in our Information Centre.


Ensuring that the interests of our clients are taken care of is our primary function. That means not only concentrating on ‘day to day’ requirements but taking a longer term view wherever possible, planning ahead for maintenance requirements, and endeavoring to avoid peaks and troughs of expense from one year to the next. Through our experienced Property Managers, we can offer a range of service levels, from basic administration only, to full Property and Project Management, including but not limited to:

  • Assessment of the initial costs of providing the required service
  • Liaising with and accounting to our client
  • Provision of the required service
  • Inspections and surveys of our clients interests
  • Collection of service/maintenance and other charges
  • Project management


We recognize and acknowledge that the requirements of our clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated; that there is more awareness of potential legislative pitfalls and constraints; that service receivers are becoming more and more demanding; and that the management function is under constant scrutiny. With this in mind part of our mission is to take the mystique out of property management, leaving clients and service providers alike free to get on with living at their properties free of as many worries as possible.


We recognize that when they take the trouble to contact us, our clients and service receivers should expect to receive responses to communications within certain pre-defined reasonable timeframes. That is why we have devised our Service Charter.


We undertake to:

  • Answer 90% of all telephone calls within five rings
  • Reply to any voicemail messages within four working hours
  • Answer e-mail messages within three working days of receipt
  • Respond to faxes within five working days of receipt
  • Answer web-based enquiries within five working days of receipt
  • Reply to letters within five working days of receipt


Please bear in mind that our hours of business are 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Monday to Friday, throughout the year, with the exception of statutory and public holidays.


We endorse, accept and undertake to comply with the Code of Practice relating to service charges published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and as approved by the Secretaries of State for England and Wales under the terms of Section 87 of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993.


Property Management

The primary function of our business is property management services. That is maintaining and enhancing the fabric, amenities and services of the developments forming our portfolio, according to client requirements, and in compliance with leasehold and other statutory provisions.


An overview of some of our client/resident facing services would include:

  • Management and administration of contract services
  • Instigation and enactment of development inspections
  • Provision of financial management and funds administration
  • Attending to correspondence and telephone calls
  • Convening and attending informal and formal meetings
  • Informal advice on leasehold and freehold compliance, including breaches and covenant issues
  • Informal advice and information relating to company law, contract law and housing acts etc
  • Assistance in the explanation of the terms of leases and transfers
  • Provision of information and assistance in respect of directors and company secretaries liabilities
  • Liaison with maintenance contractors
  • Liaison with developers where necessary
  • Day to day aspects of residential property management.


Given that the majority of more recently constructed residential developments throughout the UK are managed by means of ‘resident’ controlled management companies, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that our clients are appraised of their legal obligations and that all developments under our management are maintained to the highest possible standards.


Where appropriate we can and do advise on all aspects of maintenance contracts and assist clients in choosing the correct level of contract, and contractors, commensurate with the service being provided, ensuring that clients are content in the knowledge that they have been provided with a personal and proactive service.

Facilities Management

Modern developments may have a range of Mechanical and Electrical, and Safety and Monitoring Equipment installed.


Below are just some examples of what might be the installed services at any given development:

  • Passenger Lifts
  • Pedestrian and Vehicular Gates and Barrier Systems
  • Fire Alarm and Smoke Vent Systems
  • Door Entry Systems and Proximity Access Control Systems
  • Drainage and Sewage Pumps and Chambers
  • Boiler House installations
  • Drinking Water Pumps & Storage
  • Flood Relief Systems
  • Lightning Conductors


We have wide ranging experience of all of the above and more, and in house expertise available to assess the inventory of Mechanical and Electrical, and Safety and Monitoring Equipment that may be installed at any given development, and from there to advise on service and maintenance requirements, having regard to preferred response times and costs implications.

Insurance Services

Insurance is a very specialized field and client requirements may be many and varied. We are able to offer guidance and assistance on the following:

  • Block Buildings Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Engineering and Inspections Insurance
  • In addition to the above we can also arrange the following:
  • Buildings Insurance Valuations
  • Implementation and progression of insurance claims
  • Procure quotations for reinstatement works
  • Monitor claims and repairs in conjunction with loss adjusters


Pristine Property Management and Real Estate Limited is an appointed representative of Pristine Properties Insurance & Finance Services Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Flat & Block Management Companies

  • Residents’ management companies are also known as:-
  • Block Management Companies
  • Flat Management Companies
  • Residents Associations
  • Management Company


Pristine Properties manages many different developments of flats, blocks and houses, on behalf of residents’ management companies.

We are widely experienced in the many and varied requirements of all aspects of leasehold block management and freehold estate management, the internal workings of those companies, and the legal and legislative responsibilities associated therewith.

To all intents and purposes we ensure that the directors of the residents’ management companies, our client, fulfil their obligations in law by advising them, receiving their instructions, and then acting on those instructions.

Our clients benefit from a full range of services, often tailored to individual flat management and estate management requirements, but always in accord with our core values of honesty, integrity, and transparency. As will be seen from the testimonials featured on this website, our clients are enjoying an enhanced service experience, through a team of dedicated, friendly and professional property managers and support staff. We are dedicated to achieving the appropriate balance of service provision and cost, and to fully supporting our clients in the fulfilment of their legal and legislative obligations, both through personal interaction, and updates delivered through this website and its client access facilities.

If you are a residents’ management company thinking of changing managing agent why not contact us, either by post, or by email at You could be receiving a comprehensive, value led and enhanced property management service sooner than you think.



We are well aware that the construction industry is facing unprecedented challenges in the present market climate. That is why it is all the more important that partnerships are formed with likeminded professionals such as ourselves, to provide developer and customer with a seamless service from design and construction through to sale and beyond.

Through the design and construction phase we can and will:

  • work hard on behalf of all parties to make sure all areas are covered, from advice on lease structure and planning estates and services
  • incorporate the RMC, dealing with engrossment of leases and deeds, issue of shares and registrations of interest upon transfer or mortgage
  • install service providers and contractors, liaise and contract with utilities and energy providers
  • deal with all matters arising in the day to day running of any given property or development
  • support the developer and sales staff through the sales period, continuing to advise as appropriate
  • liaise with developers and owners as handing over control responsibilities of the RMC to members/shareholders, educating the same as to their responsibilities.
  • assist with or facilitate the sale of freeholds to members/shareholders or independent bodies as required
  • acting as ‘corporate’  director and secretary facilities for Residents Management Companies.


Pristine Properties can offer a ground rent collection service to Freeholders, which includes:-

  • issuing of Ground Rent or Insurance demands.
  • collection of Ground Rents or Insurance.
  • chasing of arrears.
  • Instruction of  solicitors in the event of non payment.
  • Advise on Landlord and Tenant issues.
  • Other services Pristine Properties can offer to Freeholders are:-
  • arranging Insurance for buildings.
  • dealing with Solicitors Enquiries on lease resales.
  • putting buyers and sellers of freeholders in contact.
  • review of other Property Management Companies work.



  • Photography
  • Comprehensive marketing
  • Finding a tenant
  • Obtaining references
  • Drawing up a tenancy agreement
  • Organizing gas and electrical safety inspections
  • Arranging inventory and check-in
  • Deposit protection
  • Collection of rent
  • 24 Hour call out service
  • Arranging repairs and maintenance
  • Arranging payment of outgoings
  • Statements emailed monthly
  • Advising and managing deposit deductions
  • Managing the check out process
  • Key holding services
  • Transfer of utilities
  • Property inspections
  • Legal Advice
  • Free valuations
  • Advertising on all major property portals


Sample services

  • Mortgage payments
  • Utility payments
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Rent collection
  • Accounting
  • Leasing
  • Renting
  • Security deposits
  • Property inspections
  • Insurance
  • Property valuation
  • Mortgage assistance
  • Security
  • Property Staging