Our business is owned and operated from our office in Downey, California. Our team consists of experienced property managers, with our board of directors alone having in excess of 40 years’ experience in property management.

We recognize that property management is a people industry, Red Brick are big enough to cope, and small enough to care about personal service and attention to detail.

Our portfolio of clients consists mainly of resident’s management companies, we also work for developers. Properties under our management consist from as few as three apartments in one building through to our larger developments which comprise of over 250 properties with full time property managers and caretakers’ onsite. We deal with both leasehold flat and freehold housing estate management of which our existing portfolio currently holds numerous properties managed by Pristine Property Management and Real Estate.

What Sets Us Apart

Develop A Plan To Maintain And Increase Property Values

  • Maintenance and improvement of property
  •  Maintenance of adequate reserves

Protect Board Of Directors From Personal Liability

  • Maintain documentation and handle issues promptly
  • Review and educate Board members on Association documents (i.e. CC&R´s, By-Laws, Amendments) and current laws (i.e. local, state and federal laws including Codes and Real Estate Laws).

Ease In Transfer Of Power

  • Able to bring new Board members immediately up to date
  • Facilitate change in financial documents including signee privileges

Encourage Community Involvement

  •  Allows owners (homemakers, retired persons) to participate
  • Allows Board to focus on immediate concerns

Act As Mediator In Disputes

  •  Promote harmony among all residents
  • The “go to” guy regarding ownership concerns
  •  Able to help reach compromises
  •  Explain rules, regulations and reasons behind them

Perform Collection Activities

  • Able to keep Board informed of status of accounts
  •  Able to contact delinquent accounts and act accordingly within Board and Association document guidelines
  • Able to take necessary legal action to protect Association

Oversee Contractors

  • Experience in facilities and construction management; ensure quality of services through supervision
  • Help to prepare bid specs
  • Solicit competitive bids from competent contractors

Assist In Orderly Transfer Of Property

  • Fill out Association certifications
  • Provide documents when needed and orient new owners

Facilitate Communications

  • Keep owners up to date on Association business
  • Solicit proxies when needed
  • Solicit comments and suggestions from owners

Save Money

  • Ability to provide cost effective bids
  • Avoid losses maintaining consistent collections practices